Target groups


START2ACT’s target groups for its activities are entrepreneurs of startups as well as owners, managers and staff of young SMEs (as an indication, up to 5 years in age) in nine European countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and United Kingdom.

The segment of startups is considered to become the spine of Europe’s future SMEs and large companies. Taking into account the SME structure in the EU, START2ACT addresses micro and small enterprises that employ up to 49 people. This target group makes up a substantial share of all SMEs (98%), accounting for 75% of employed people in the SME sector. Providing these two target groups with bespoke activities to actively change their behaviour on energy consumption in their everyday lives at the workplace will also lead to spill-over effects, transferring certain behaviour patterns to their homes.

If you are involved in a start-up or a young SME, and you are interested in being part of our activities, then join START2ACT here and we will contact you shortly.


All organisations and institutions which can contribute to and/or benefit from START2ACT's activities but do not belong to the target groups.

  • Organisations active in the support of startups or young SMEs such as incubator and accelerator houses, co-working spaces, startup facilitators, umbrella organisations and associations, chambers of commerce and trade etc.
  • Manufacturers of energy efficient appliances or applications and related associations interested in increasing the market share and uptake of such products.
  • Electricity providers and suppliers.

If you are involved in a stakeholder organisation described above, we encourage you to join START2ACT here and we will shortly contact you to seek opportunities for cooperation.

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