START2ACT Winter Challenge
save energy on heating


Did you know that if you reduce your thermostat temperature by just 1˚C, you can decrease your heating costs by 8%?

Heating makes up half of energy use in the average office over winter, so your potential to save money and carbon is huge. 


Take part in the START2ACT Winter Challenge for a chance to win an Amazon Echo (Alexa enabled). It takes just 5 minutes to enter and two lucky winners will be selected to receive the main prize.

Five runners up will win a seven day timer to help you to save energy at work or at home. Every participating company will receive a START2ACT energy saving starter pack. Terms and conditions apply.


How do we take part?


STEP 1   STEP 2   STEP 3
Take a photo or film a video clip of how your company reduces the need for heating   Write a description of the action(s) - just a sentence or a short paragraph   Email step 1 and step 2 to* or send it to @START2ACT using #S2Achallenge on Twitter or Facebook


The competition is open now and will close on Thursday 8th March 2018.


What can my company do to save energy on heating?

Come up with your own ideas to reduce your heating use and bills in your office, or use the suggestions below as inspiration. Complete as many actions as possible and describe how you have implemented them to increase your chances of winning. You get extra points for creativity!

  • Optimise your temperature settings: lower your heating thermostat temperature by 1˚C degree. This change is normally unnoticeable and can save around 8% of heating costs.
  • Change your winter dress code: let employees know that they can wear more casual winter clothing such as warm jumpers to work when there are no client meetings.
  • Maintain your building fabric: ensure that your building fabric (the walls, floors, roofs, windows and doors) of your building is in good condition and well insulated. Ensure that windows and doors are sealed without any gaps.
  • Use time controls: Use time controls to ensure that your heating system is only operating when needed. Trial some different settings – set your heating to turn on half an hour later in the morning and switch off half an hour earlier at the end of the day. Investigate if this makes a difference to comfort levels to see if you can make this a permanent change to save 10% on your heating bill.
  • Keep heat emitters clear: avoid blocking heat emitters (e.g. radiators or vents) with furniture as they absorb a lot of the heat.

Use these initial tips to get inspired and come up with your own ideas of how to save energy. You can visit the START2ACT Knowledge Base to read more tips on how to save energy at work and at home.

Assessment and prize giving

Entries will be evaluated based on three criteria:

  • Involvement (number of actions that you completed within the timeframe)
  • Commitment (how much commitment the actions required, including involving staff members and complexity of the actions)
  • Creativity (whether new energy saving ideas were used that weren’t included on the list above)


The winner will be announced on Monday 19th March 2018. All participants will be sent their START2ACT energy saving starter pack within four weeks of providing their postal address.

*Email submissions may be shared on the START2ACT website and on social media. If you do not want your submission to be shared, please state this within your email.

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